"I bought this as a rainy day standby for my six year old, and it worked like a charm! The instructions were written clearly enough for her to get through the majority of the project without help. She was really impressed with how easy it is to make lip balm, and loved the boysenberry aroma..."

 - The Shawas


"I love the Kiss Naturals kits and this one is no exception. It makes a perfect birthday party gift since it is a consumable item, the scents are pleasant, the ingredients uncomplicated and the instructions are clear. That is is from a Canadian company only makes it even better!"

- Multip 


"My God Daughter couldn't wait to get her hands on this! I bought it because I was drawn to it being natural, and yes, I could show her how to make natural balm at home, but this was so fun for her to receive in the mail and play with her friend! I will be purchasing more from this buying in the future."



"I purchased this for my 10 year old niece as her birthday gift. When I gave it to her today she was so excited and her friends were pretty impressed too. I like and trust that this is 100% natural and that it is made in Canada."

-Tanya Grasl



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Blog Reviews: 

The Binder Ladies

"With Lili’s history of sensitive skin, this is the first time we’ve been able to use a fun kit like this; most of the kids’ soaps and bath playsets out on the market today are filled with toxic ingredients that she cannot use, and are cheaply made in order to keep the cost down... Kiss Naturals put my mind at ease by making products that Lili can actually use!"

"She had loads of fun mixing each bottle of bubble bath, and looks forward to making her bath fizzies next!"


Mommy Kat and Kids

"The kit is so much fun and with the large quantity it produces, it would be the perfect activity for a tween girl’s birthday party or sleepover."

"I really appreciated the fact that only safe, natural ingredients went into the kits and I loved the fact that such a simple process let me create my very own beauty products. If you have a daughter that loves lotions and potions, this kit would be a great gift. She’ll love making her own beauty concoctions and you’ll love that she isn’t using any harsh chemical formulations on her skin!"

BC Mom

"We had so much fun making our own beauty products and spending girly time together, and I love that all of the products were gentle enough for everyone to use, natural, and effective."

"These would make unique gifts for any child and really foster imagination, once a kit is finished they are already thinking of ways to make the next one."


One Heart One Family

 "I’m happy to report that thanks to the natural ingredients my DD1 who has extremely sensitive skin, did not react all."

"If you are looking for an amazing product to encourage your kids to bathe, to have a pamper party for your daughter, or something fun to fill a boring a Saturday afternoon, I highly recommend Kiss Naturals DIY kits!" 


The Mummy Project

"I was really impressed with how easy it was to make the soap. My daughter was impressed too. She’s made little soaps to give as presents to grandma and her friends. We also tested out the soap during bath time and happy to report, it smells great, lathers up well and is silky soft on your skin!"

"I’m also thinking of buying a few kits to use for crafty birthday parties or as a rainy day activity. I especially like that the kits can be used for boys and girls as the packaging isn’t overly feminine."


Motherhood Defined

"One of my favorite things about Kiss Naturals is the easy to understand instructions. My nine year old was able to create a tube of lava lip gloss just as quickly and efficiently as I was on her own without adult assistance."

"While I expected it to be overly oily, I was surprised to find that this was not the case. The feel was very pleasant and the taste was subtle." 


Emily Reviews

"We had A LOT of fun with our Kiss Naturals craft kits. They were the perfect distraction to us feeling pretty crummy. I will for sure buy more Kiss Naturals craft kits!" 

"Kiss Naturals craft kits are perfect for gifting, parties, playmates, quiet days at home, camp, church group, and any other gathering you can think of."


A Day in Motherhood

"The ‘lava’ effect was really fun for the kids as they watched the oils mix together. Since there were no chemicals in it, I felt good knowing that it would not hurt them, even if they accidentally broke the bottle or something else."

"The bath fizz was too much fun to make as well. A smooth powder, the girls helped me pour the ingredients into a bowl and mix it. Then each of them got to press the ‘soap’ into the heart shaped molds. We let it sit overnight and the next day, my daughters dropped the fizz into the bath and loved watching the ‘science’ of it all."


Mommy’s Block Party

"In the end, I wound up with eight little heart shaped soaps, which smell lovely and are just adorable!"

"I'm not sure who I'll give these soaps to just yet, but I know for certain that they'd look so cute, placed inside a little organza bag, and placed in a Christmas stocking, or gifted to someone I want to show my appreciation to this holiday season."



"The lip gloss tastes wonderful with the orange essential oil and I feel safe letting her use it. She feels so grown up with her own lip gloss! The oils and glycerin do not really mix together, so it looks like a 'lava lamp'."

"I highly recommend these kits for children ages 4 and up. Little ones might need some extra help making these, but older kids should be able to do it themselves just fine. It's a great activity for birthday parties, sleepovers, and play dates with kids. Also a great holiday gift or a way for your child to make DIY gifts for his or her friends and relatives." 


Taking Time for Mommy

"My girls were so happy because they called it ‘chemistry’ and assured me that is was part of their school work. They had so much fun and worked on it TOGETHER!!"

"I highly recommend these craft kits. These make perfect gifts and we will be buying some more for the girls this summer."


Eco-Office Gals

"Our kit came with orange and peppermint oils. I’m a sucker for peppermint so I was as excited as the girls to get these made! This was really easy to put together."

"The end result was 10 little containers of lip balm that we love to use. The girls gave a few away to friends and grandma and we kept the rest. I want to try a few more of these kits for sure!" 


Kid Independent

"These kits are simple to use (best suited to ages 6+) and are really fun too! In addition, each kit makes multiple balms, creams, and fizzies, so they can be easily shared among siblings or friends. These would make a lovely gift for birthdays or other special occasions, and could also be used as a craft activity at a birthday party in lieu of loot bags filled with sugar. I especially liked the lip balm set as it was so fun to use, and the girls have been carrying their lip balms around in their ‘purses’ to use as we head into winter to keep their lips moisturised. Oh… and did I mention that the fragrances are lovely?"

"The verdict… Crafty, creative, oodles of fun… and 100% natural too!"


Over the Rainbow

"This kit is not only a great way to spend quality time with little ones, but also a great learning experience."

"The finished product was amazing! It goes on smoothly and taste good. Not sure if I am supposed to lick my lips but hey its all natural products so it should be ok. I love this kit because we know what is going into the lip balm unlike the lip balms we buy from the store. I definitely recommend this DIY Lip Balm Making Kit by Kiss Naturals. Super easy and lots of fun! And I promise the little ones will have a blast."