Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

Furoshiki Flip Through Tutorial

Lay kit on furoshiki gift wrapping cloth. Cloth should be perpendicular to kit.
Take two opposing sides of furoshiki cloth and tie a tight knot.
Tie another knot.
Take the two leftover opposing sides of furoshiki cloth and tie a knot.
Tie another knot.
Fabric should be placed in a clover-like pattern.
Fold the edges of the knotted fabric in.
Add our Thinking of You card for the perfect all-in-one gift!

Furoshiki Wrapping Video

Our Re-Usable Bag

Closeup of our reusable bag.
View of many reusable bags.

Thinking of You Card

Closeup of furoshiki wrapped kit.
Closeup of Thinking of You card.

Best All-in-One Gift   <3

Multiple kits wrapped in different furoshiki cloths.