Rainbow Layered Soap DIY

     In this week’s tutorial, we’ve hit a pot of GOLD! We'll teach you how to make DIY rainbow layered soap that makes the perfect birthday party or sleepover craft! Grab a friend (or two) and a trusted adult to begin!


An adult to help supervise
  1. Open your Kiss Naturals Glycerin Soap Kit and take out all the supplies. Break off two pieces of glycerin soap. Then, cut off small chunks of yellow soap coloring and of blue soap coloring. Place each piece, along with the glycerin soap squares, into the clear measuring cups provided.
  2. With an adult’s help, place both measuring cups in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time until melted. Be careful not to burn yourself or let the soap boil over. Mix the contents thoroughly with the included wooden spoon. Let’s start layering your rainbow! 
  3. Starting with the color of your choice (we are using blue today), pour a small amount of the soap into the bottom of the molds. You should have some soap leftover in your measuring cup. Allow 5 minutes to cool before pouring the next layer.
  4. Next, pour approximately 1/3 of the yellow soap into the measuring cup which contains the remaining blue soap. Mix the two colors together to create a golden green. Pour a layer on top of the cooled down blue layer. Allow 5 minutes to cool before pouring the next layer.
  5. You might have to reheat the yellow soap leftover in the measuring cup for 5 seconds. Once melted, pour your third layer on top of the cooled green layer and allow 5 minutes to cool before pouring your final layer!
  6. Rinse out your measuring cups, as we will reuse them to make a new batch of soap, this time using red colorant. (See steps 1 and 2)
  7. Fill the molds to the top with the red soap. Allow your finished soaps to cool for at least fifteen minutes in the refrigerator before attempting to delicately remove them from the mold.



     You’ve made it to the end of the rainbow! Share how your rainbow layered soap turned out down in the comments. If you’re looking for more crafts check out the rest of our tutorials!

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