Halloween Special: DIY Fake Blood Lip Gloss Necklace

Fall has arrived and that means Halloween is right around the corner! Do you love the Halloween season, beauty and do-it-yourself projects? It's about to get spooky, because today we are creating drops of “blood” Halloween lip gloss.  Muahahahaha!

Supplies Needed:

1 Kiss Naturals Lava Lip Gloss Kit

1 Black or Red String

Red or Black permanent marker (optional)

Let's Get Started:

  1. Open the box of your brand new DIY Lava Lip Gloss Kit and pull out the tray.
  2. Starting with one roll-on applicator bottle, remove the cap and ball insert.
  3. Remove the measuring cup from the tray and add 5ml of organic safflower oil.
  4. Add an additional 5 ml of organic castor oil to the same measuring cup.
  5. Using the mini mixing spatula from the tray, stir the oils together. Then, pour them directly into your roll-on applicator.
  6. Now, let's add our "blood".  Using the purple and yellow colorant from the tray, add 15 - 20 drops of each to your bottle. This should give your blood a more realistic look.
  7. Next, add some flavor to your lipgloss! Would you like the “blood” to taste like boysenberry or bubble gum? It is all up to you!
  8. Now let's create your label. You can either remove the Kiss Naturals label or you can write “blood” on the back side of the roll applicator with the red or black permanent marker.
  9. While that permanent marker is still available, give the cap a couple coats!
  10. This part is optional.  Using a white chalk permanent marker, draw a ghost or scary face on your lid. Get creative!
  11. Tie the black string around the top of the roll applicator (right where the lid goes).
  12. Wrap your new blood lip gloss around your neck, and voila! Be careful wearing this around your friends at school they may think that you are secretly a...vampire!

There you have it! You just created an easy, non-toxic, and creepy DIY for Halloween! Tell us down below what flavors everyone in your family decided to use for their “blood” lip gloss.

Be sure to take a picture and tag us on Instagram @KissNaturals and use the #KNUpcycles hashtag. How will you upcycle your next Kiss Natural box?



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