Furoshiki Handle Upcycle

What exactly is a furoshiki? Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to transport gifts, clothes, and more. They can be held securely together by merely tying a knot or by using a furoshiki handle. Today, we will make a furoshiki handle from our box!

Items Needed
An exacto knife 
Colored duct tape 
Leftover cardboard (we’re using an old Kiss Naturals box) 
A pencil or pen 
A thrifted large cloth, bandana, or wrapping cloth from or kit 
Adult supervision 


Break down your old Kiss Naturals box. Cut off one of the sides, as shown below. We need two layers, each roughly eight inches long by two inches wide.



Trace two long curves (in the shape of a tree trunk) onto one layer of the card stock.

After lining up the two pieces, cut along the trace marks. This is now the basic shape of your bag handle. Tape the two pieces together, along the outer side, with your colored duct/decorative tape.



Trace two small rectangles at the end of each side of your handle as shown below. They will need to be less than a centimeter wide, each. With the help of an adult, cut all four small rectangles out with the exacto knife. 



Grab two corners of your cloth (from the same side) and loop them into the two holes of one side of the hangle. Tie a knot. Repeat this step with the other two corners into the other side of your handle.  



 There you have it! A simple upcycled furoshiki tutorial. Where will you take your furoshiki bag next? Let us know in the comment section! Browse our blog for tutorials and shop our website for craft kits!

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