DIY Upcycled Notebook!

Enjoying your Kiss Naturals DIY kit but unsure what to do with the packaging after your project? Why not upcycle it into something beautiful and practical? Today, we’ve got a quick and easy upcycled notebook tutorial for you.  Let's get started!


What you’ll need:

  • An old Kiss Naturals box (we used a box from the DIY Lip Balm Kit)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun & a hot glue gun glue stick
  • 5 acrylic paints (make sure to pick your favorite colors)
  • 3-4 sticky note pads (of various sizes)
  • About 2 ft of Ribbon 
  • Stapler
  • Recycled paper
  • A pen
  • Old sheet/extra old cardboard

What to do:

  1. Of course, the first step is to enjoy your Kiss Naturals DIY kit!
  2. Once you're done making your product, upcycle the box from your kit by carefully taking it apart at the seams so that it opens up completely flat.
  3. Cut off the back of the box (this should give you a nice big piece of cardboard to work with).
  4. From the front side of the box, slowly and carefully remove the plastic film.You’ll see why in a minute.
  5. Using an old sheet or leftover cardboard, cover your work space.
  6. Place the back of the box you just cut out on top of your work space. You might want to secure it with a drop of hot glue temporarily.
  7. Now, this is where the fun really begins! Grab your acrylic paints and squirt a few drops of each color randomly over the back of the box (go crazy and have fun with it!).
  8. Take the plastic film you removed earlier and drag it from the top of the cardboard all the way to the bottom to slowly pull the paint across the whole back of the box. This should create a unique marbling effect. Add more color or more paint as necessary to cover the text on the box. Keep moving the paint around until you are happy with the effect.
  9. Allow the paint to dry. As you wait, maybe grab a snack and check out the rest of our blog for other DIYs and tutorials. ;) 
  10. Once dry, fold the cardboard in half horizontally (“hamburger-style” as they used to say in school). 
  11. Now, turn the notebook vertically (“hot dog-style”) and on the left-hand side attach sticky notes. You can pick the arrangement of the sticky notes that you would like. We did two small sticky note pads on top, and an average-sized sticky note pad on the bottom. Make sure to remove the bottom protector sheet from the notepads so you can use a fresh sticky page to attach them to the notebook.If that doesn’t hold, feel free to use a little hot glue.
  12. On the right side of your notebook, add a custom-made notepad made from regular printer paper, notebook paper, or even recycled paper! Cut a few pieces to the same size, staple, and you’re nearly done.
  13. Attach your notepad to the notebook with a couple of drops of hot glue.
  14. Now, take your ribbon and fold it in half. Insert your notebook so the extra ribbon hangs over the edges.
  15. To secure the ribbon, place a small drop of hot glue on the back side of the notebook and glue the ribbon down.
  16. Lastly, tie a bow to close your notebook and cut off any excess. Use the pen to start writing! 

There you have it! A beautiful, upcycled notebook for all your drawings, notes, games of M.A.S.H., and much more!

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