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Today’s tutorial is perfect for book lovers, unicorn connoisseurs, DIYer’s, and the like! Learn how to make this easy and beautiful bookmark that will have all your friends wanting one, too. The best part? This do-it-yourself activity is eco-friendly because it reuses materials from your Kiss Naturals kit. Let’s get started!

Here’s What You’ll Need

Here’s What to Do  

  1. Enjoy your Kiss Naturals kit!  You have a few to choose from. Which one is your favorite?
  2. Open the box at the seams so that it lays flat.

    Cutting the Kiss Naturals box - preparing for a wonderful upcycle craft activity!
    Today, we'll be using the back panel square of the box, so cut off all the surrounding pieces.
  3. Print out our free unicorn template and cut out the unicorn shapes.

    Cutting out unicorn shapes - Kiss Naturals DIY Unicorn bookmark tutorial
  4. Place the cut-outs onto the square panel you just cut from the box.  Trace around them.

    Tracing the unicorn shaped onto Kiss Naturals box - Upcycled DIY unicorn page marker
  5. Now, the fun part!  Color in and decorate all of the unicorn pieces to your heart's desire! Stick to a theme for your unicorn, or maybe add every color from the box!  If you're feeling extra creative, you can even add glitter or pom poms. Get creative!

    Coloring in the free unicorn template from kiss naturalsTime to decorate!  Unicorn page marker upcycle craftLook at that! DIY Unicorn bookmark
  6. Once you’ve got your unicorn all decorated, cut out all of your pieces. We're ready to assemble this fantastically fun page marker!

    Cutting out the unicorn pieces - craft tutorial from Kiss NaturalsThe next few steps are about to get sticky.  Get your glue ready!
  7. Glue the two swirly mains onto the sides of the unicorn's face, allowing 3-5 minutes for to dry.  Then, insert the unicorn horn into the slit you cut on the main swirl.  Glue the horn and the swirl to the top of the unicorn's head.

    Gluing the main to the unicorn bookmark - DIY tutorial
  8. Lastly, turn the bookmark around and glue the triangle to the back by using a super-thin strip of glue on two angles - so it looks like a tipi.

    Unicorn bookmark - glueing the back pieceMake sure the center point is pointing upward.

    Attaching the book marker to the unicornAllow 3 - 5 minutes for this to dry.  Now your unicorn is ready to mark pages!

    DIY upcycled unicorn page markers from Kiss Naturals Tutorial Blog




There you have it! A super cute unicorn bookmark that will make reading that much more fun! Create several just for yourself or share with your favorite teacher or librarian. Be sure to check out our website for more tutorials and all natural DIY products!  And if you want to share your unicorn creations with us, add the hashtag #knupcycles!


  • Great job for creating a reusable box , more companies should follow your example!

    Kelly Benavidez
  • This is a great craft for me to do with Callie during our Christmas break! We have 10 days off together and I intend to do as many hands-on things both inside and out during that time frame so thanks for this one :)

    Charlene Lucas
  • This was such a fun activity! It was a yucky weather weekend here and I’m so thankful that we had an activity (like this) to do and we also purchased your Lava Lip Gloss kit and had a blast making those too! LOVE that I don’t have to worry about any harmful ingredients!

    Sarah Cronin
  • I’m going to try these with my kids this weekend


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