DIY Flower Pen Station!

Do pens go missing at your house? When you finally manage to find on, is it dried out or broken? If you are ready to say goodbye to your pen hiatus and hello to a functional decor piece that doubles as a pen corral, then let’s get started :D


Materials Needed:

  • An old Kiss Naturals cardboard insert (comes inside each of our new kits!)
  • Scissors
  • Exacto Knife
  • Glue
  • Floral Tape
  • Clear Tape
  • Scrapbook paper
  • 9 Pens (secondhand if possible)
  • Fake Flowers (secondhand if possible)
  • An adult's help 


Fold the old Kiss Naturals cardboard insert in half, so that it can stand upright. Push the middle flap up into the folded box. We will upcycle this into your flower pen station!  

Wrap the floral tape horizontally around the flower box to make it secure.



Line up the top of your scrapbook paper with the floral tape. Using clear tape, tape down the scrapbook paper. Wrap your paper around to the other side of the box and cut off any excess that goes over the floral tape. Then tape down the other end of your scrapbook paper using clear tape. 



The opposing sides of your box might have extra paper hanging off. Fold the paper in and tape the sides shut with clear tape, much like you would if you were wrapping gifts.


 Set your pen station aside for now and let’s work on making the floral pens!


Tape a fake flower to one pen, wrapping floral tape all the way around the pen until the floral stem is no longer visible.

Repeat this step with the rest of the pens to create enough "flowers" to fill the flower box.


Tip: You can mix and match with different fake flowers to later give the pen arrangement more depth.


To turn your flower box into pen storage, tape two pieces of floral tape along the top inside of the station. This will help secure the middle cardboard flap and add more space for all the pens.

With the help of an adult, use an Exacto knife to cut three X’s into the center cardboard flap. Then using a regular pair of scissors, cut 6 small squares of floral tape.

Place these pieces of tape vertically in between the two long pieces of floral tape you applied earlier. This creates spots for each pen to rest comfortably. 


Here comes the best part - arranging your floral pens! Simply place a pen inside each hole, playing around with the design until the box looks like a beautiful flower arrangement.


     We found that adding taller florals and greenery onto the sides and the back of the box gave our pen arrangement a very full and ALMOST realistic look! Please share with us either in the comments or on social media your floral pens and stations! You can find us on the major social media platforms @kissnaturals!

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