Back to School Hair Tie Holder

This post is for anyone who has long hair and likes bright colors!

Whether you lost your hair tie, it broke, or you forgot to bring one to school, not having a simple little hair elastic can sometimes mean the difference between having a good day and having a mess of a day.

So, we decided to show you a clever way to decorate any of your Kiss Naturals products with hair elastics so you’ll never be stuck without one again!

Are you ready?

Okay, it’s really simple, actually.  All you have to do is pretend your Lava Lip Gloss or Lip Balm container is a ponytail and wrap several colored elastics around it until you like what you see.  It’s that simple.

You can choose themes. We chose an autumn theme with red, orange and yellow.  We also chose a colorful blue, purple and pink theme.

The great thing about the size of these containers is that they easily fit into any school pencil bag, even when they’re covered in hairties.  They can also be tucked away in your backpack. You get the idea.

Now, go.  Have fun and send us a picture of your cleverly wrapped lip gloss!  #kncleverhacks

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