If you loved our original Add-On game, then you’re going to love the story edition! This game is super easy to play, requires minimal supplies and is a ton of fun!

Here we go!

Supplies: Several different colored pens or pencils, notebook or lined paper (recycled if you have it), and at least two players.

Game Summary: In the game, each player adds one sentence to a story at a time, based on the previous player's sentence. Once you’ve finished, read the story out loud.  See how crazy, fun, or outrageous it turned out!!

The more players and the more rounds that you do, the better the story gets!

Directions: First, each player needs to pick one colored pencil or pen and keep it the entirety of the game. Just like our original Add-On game, no two players should have the same color. This makes it easier at the end to see who added what to the story. 

The first player will start the game out by writing one sentence to open up the game. A few ideas of how to start the story would be “Once a upon a time...”, “In a land far away...”, “On planet___”, you get the idea.

Then, the next player adds a sentence to continue the story. You can keep the same scene going or change it entirely by throwing the character(s) into a whole new scenario.

Pass the story around and around!

Get creative!

The sillier you are, the funnier the story will be in the end!

You can keep the story pretty short by just giving everyone one or two turns each or write a story several pages long! Once all the players feel the story is long enough, one player will write a quick ending sentence, then read it aloud to see what happens!

That’s how you play Add-On Story Edition! If you have yet to play the first Add-On game, I highly recommend it! It is just as fun and easy as the story edition. Show us how you and your family play by tagging us on Instagram @Kissnaturals. For more free games, tutorials, and product updates please consider joining our FREE mailing list below!

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