Top 5 Valentine’s Day DIY crafts

Valentine's Day DIY Project


Kids love Valentine’s Day DIY gifts, especially when they get to give and receive these little tokens of love at school and at home.

Here are our top 5 favourite Valentine’s Day DIY projects that are kid-proof (with a little supervision):

1) 52 Reasons Why I Love You
This is a brilliant, easy and fun DIY gift to give to anyone you love. Most of us have an old deck of cards sitting around that we can use for this project too. All you need to do is write a reason why you love the person on each card, and then bind the cards together to form a little book. Et Voila! Bonus: Another cute project idea along the same lines as this one, is the picture frame message board.

2) Homemade Bath Bombs of Love
We love this idea! You can make little bath fizzies for your special someone, in the shape of little hearts. Once you’re done making the bath bombs you can put them together neatly in a little box or tie them up in a nice little bag to present to them.

3) Heart Thumbprint Platter
This is a great little personalized gift perfect for family members. Use paint to put the thumb prints of everyone in the shapes of hearts on a serving platter (or any other serving dish or mug) and you have yourself an amazing keepsake!

4) Coffee Filter Heart Wreath
This is a really cool Valentine’s Day DIY craft that is super simple to do, fun for kids and looks fantastic when you’re done (who knew you could make coffee filters look like roses!?)

5) Lollipop Butterfly Valentines
These little butterflies are perfect for school Valentine’s gifts, because they’re easy to make and personalize… not to mention fun to receive/eat! All you have to do is create little wings for your lollipops, attach some googly eyes, glue on some embellishments and they’re good to go.

What’s your go-to Valentine’s Day DIY Project? Have any other great ideas for V-Day gifts? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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