Top 5 DIY projects for a rainy day

Any parent of young children will tell you rainy days can be really difficult, and having fun DIY projects to choose from is a blessing when you have cabin fevered and hyperactive kids.

Here’s our top 5 favourite DIY projects for a rainy day, or any day really:

1. DIY Bath Fizzies aka Bath Bombs
Kids LOVE making their own bath fizzles, not to mention it gives them a reason to enjoy taking baths… the ultimate WIN-WIN for parents.

2. Silly putty (Frozen style)

Kids love silly putty, and kids love the movie Frozen… put them together and you have the most amazing silly putty ever!

3. Sock puppets or animals

Kids love stuffed animals, and what’s a DIY project without a stuffed animal added into the mix? You can get creative and create some cute animals, dolls, or even monsters.

4. Terrarium

These little planters are lots of fun to create and watch grow. They’re simple to put together, and kids love being able to personalize them by picking out the plants and jars/vases of their choosing.

5. Mini Marshmallow Catapult

I know I know, you always tell them not to play with their food… but seriously, this little catapult is so much fun, and mini marshmallows make a minimal mess and no damage to anyone or thing… so it’s mom approved.

So what are your favourite kids DIY projects for a rainy day? Tell us in the comments down below. :)

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