THE BEST PRESS RELEASE EVER! AKA Revolutionary all-natural craft kits for kids

Natural Products Expo West show 2017


Come meet the whole family behind Kiss Naturals, the creators of your favourite (and earth shattering) all-natural DIY craft kits for kids, including:

- Lip Balm (because even 5 year olds need it… especially in harsh Canadian winters)
- Lava Lip Gloss (don’t worry they don’t actually burn like hot lava); and
- Bath Fizzies (yes, they actually fizz in your bath)
- and so much more (we add this in to indicate we have more products)

Mike Wiesel is the proud co-founder and is excited to showcase his amazing products for everyone. He told us, “I came prepared this year… I brought comfortable shoes.”

So what’s revolutionary about Kiss Naturals? Well, the company is parent-run, made in Canada, doesn’t test on animals (unless you consider Mike, his wife and kids, animals?), donates to children’s charities each year and actually cares about its customers and partners… REVOLUTIONARY!

Want to learn more (or just take a seat in our booth while our kids demo products while actually lulling you into a hypnotic state so you ‘Buy all the things’)…

Hello! Come talk to us at Booth H628!

We might just give you a free lip balm (or some other free loot that we hope you use and actually enjoy, instead of some cheap pen with our logo on it, made in China).

The end. (la fin) (el fin)

(Translations included to indicate we're located in French speaking and Spanish speaking countries too.)

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