Starting your own business

People start businesses for many reasons. Some want to be "their own boss" others have an idea that is unique. Whatever the reason, there needs to be a passion for whatever you do. When I started selling our products back in 2009, there was a passion that consumed me. I knew that we had the best lip balm kits anywhere. When a perspective store was on the fence, I easily pushed them over to our products, because I believed in it.

Under the influence - Is an amazing Canadian show on CBC radio. It is a must for anyone starting a business. One of my favourite episodes talks about how Steve Jobs started Apple. At the beginning he was trying to get the marketing head of Pepsi to join Apple. He had made many attempts, offering signing bonuses, large share of the new company, all unsuccessfully. Scully was happy at Pepsi, the future was great. Steve Jobs really wanted this guy. Story goes he asked Sculley point blank "

"Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world? He joined Jobs and changed the world.

I would love to change the world in my own small way, even if it by getting parents to buy a lip balm made of Shea butter, Safflower and Bees wax, rather than petroleum jelly.

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