Fun Facts about Glycerin

What exactly is glycerin, you ask?

Glycerin is a key ingredient in many of our products and essentially a humectant (reduces water loss). Glycerin is a colorless and odorless liquid that is typically naturally derived from plants, but can also be derived from animal products. It is great at keeping your beauty products smooth, moisturizing and velvety.

In this article, we will share a handful of interesting facts all about glycerin! 

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  • Glycerin is a thick liquid, however, when it freezes it turns into a gummy paste. A perfect science experiment for kids! 
  • Glycerin can be used for a number of things, for example, it can be used as a base in lotions, it can help prevent freezing in hydraulic jacks, which are machines used to help lift heavy things, and it is used in some printing inks! Neat, right? 
  • Like previously stated, glycerin is a humectant, which means that it is very good at attracting moisture to the skin. This is why it is often used to make soaps! 
  • Glycerine can be made out of either animals or plants, like soybeans. Isn’t that interesting?
  • One of glycerin’s coolest uses is as an ingredient in fog machines! Fog is created by blending water and glycerin-based fluids. When the mixture leaves the fog machine, it combines with the cooler outside air and the vapor condenses, making a dense, visible fog. 
  • Glycerin can help alleviate minor skin irritation like diaper rash, skin itching, and burning because glycerine is very anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant (too bad it can’t help with everyday life irritants, like being stuck in traffic or long lines at the grocery store.;) )  
  • Historically, glycerin was used as an antifreeze in cars.
  • Glycerin tastes sweet. In fact, the origin of the first part of the word “gly” comes from the Ancient Greek word “glukus”, which means sweet. 
  • Glycerin is really good at absorbing water from the air! 
  • TMI warning! Glycerin can help with constipation by drawing water into the colon and rectum when used as a suppository. Kinda gross, kinda good to know!  
  • Glycerin is occasionally used in the film industry, for example, it is used to keep certain areas looking wet and sometimes it is used as fake tears! 
  • Glycerin can speed up the healing of wounds and scrapes! How crazy is that?! Glycerin does this by promoting the natural mutation of skin cells. So next time one of your kiddos has a small cut or scrape, try and use glycerin to help speed up the healing process! 
  • The generators that are used to charge Formula E race cars are powered by batteries that use glycerin.  

Glycerin is a very versatile ingredient with quite the history behind it. From healing wounds, acting as antifreeze and even fake tears glycerin has been very beneficial for several occasions and times in history.

What is one of your favorite uses for glycerin from this list?


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