Natural cold and flu remedies for sick kids


Kids always get sick, but did you know there are many natural cold and flu remedies you can use for them instead of reaching for pharmaceutical products at your local drugstore?

Here is our list of favourite natural cold and flu remedies for sick kids (or adults alike):

Mix a little lavendar oil with a carrier oil like coconut, and rub onto the forehead.

Upset tummy?
Try ginger tea. Boil some water and allow a little bit of fresh ginger to steep. Add some honey to make it more palpable.

Common cold?
Humidifiers work wonders. It helps to break up congestion in the chest and makes it much easier to breathe while soothing coughs.

Sore throat?
Honey mixed with a little lemon juice will do the trick or try gargling with some warm salt water.

Aches and pains or upset stomach?
Dry filling a large tube sock with rice or beans. Microwave for a minute or two until it’s warm, and place on the area that’s sore. This is safer than using an electric heating pad that can burn sensitive skin if placed on a child for too long.

Here are some other really interesting DIY remedies for other kids ailments as well (courtesy of ‘Parents’):

Make warts disappear by putting a piece of duct tape on it and letting it stay there until it gets ‘gross’. Reapply until the wart is gone.

Use a blow dryer on earaches, but just make sure it’s not on the hottest setting or blowing onto the ear long enough to burn it.

Use a paste of baking soda mixed with water and place on bug bites. It helps to take away the itch.

So what are your favourite Natural cold and flu remedies for sick kids? We’d love to read them in the comments below!