Little girls LOVE slumber parties, but as parents we’re always looking for fun sleepover ideas to make their nights even more magical.

Here are 10 great activities they can do with their friends:

  1. Photo booth

Have some old clothes and fun accessories they can dress up in? All you have to do is hang a sheet over a curtain rod, or close the drapes and use that as a backdrop, and start snapping away.


  1. T-shirt decorating

Want to let their creative juices flow? You can go to the dollar store to buy a plethora of craft supplies like glitter glue, markers and paints. Get some inexpensive plain t-shirts from Walmart and you’re ready to go.


  1. Popcorn bar

Watching a movie? Create a smorgasbord of different candies and chocolates that can be added to plain popcorn. We suggest M&Ms, jelly beans, Kit Kats and Caramilk squares.


  1. Crepe paper maze

Want to test the agility of your sleepover guests? Tape long pieces of crepe paper to the walls of a hallway and let the fun begin! Click here for instructions.


  1. Make your own tutus

Some girls love to make their own funky clothes! Follow this tutorial to make your own colourful tutus. All you need is ribbon and lots of various colours of tulle.


  1. Talent show

Everyone performs a talent or lip-syncs to a song. Everyone votes and the winner gets a prize.


  1. DIY spa products

There are many different skincare and bath products you can make from home using simple, everyday ingredients. You can check online for great recipes or purchase a few Kiss Naturals kits. (Here’s a great coupon code you can use to get free shipping: PRA3).


  1. Make them talk!

Want to spark conversations? Purchase a large bouncy ball and write a bunch of questions on it using permanent marker. Throw the ball around to different people as you sit in a circle and have fun answering the questions.


  1. Dream catchers

Even though we all know there won’t be much sleeping at your sleepover party, it would be fun to create your very own personalized dream catcher. All you need is an embroidery hoop and various ribbons, yarn, feathers and beads. Want full instructions? Check them out here.


  1. Build a fort

This one is always fun and a real classic. It can be as simple as building a fort with pillows and blankets, or even as complex as making your own mini teepees!


Whatever you do, you’re sure to have a great time with your friends with any of these sleepover ideas.